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Dayne Crist Focused On Kansas Success, Not NFL Potential

Dayne Crist has no choice but to become a one-year wonder for the Kansas Jayhawks. If anything, he's hoping that the word "wonder" comes true after all. The former Notre Dame quarterback is the new transfer to the KU program following former head coach Charlie Weis, and it's apparent that he's likeliest to start the 2012 season for the Jayhawks. But with only one year of eligibility, it'd be difficult to blame him for thinking about life after college football.

Yet Crist says that's not the truth at all and that his primary concern is on his current position as Kansas quarterback.

"At this point, that’s not a conversation that I’m having," said Crist on possible life in the NFL. "The conversation that I’m having is, how are we gonna be successful on offense at Kansas? That’s the most important thing to me right now."

That said, it's clear that Crist didn't just want to finish his college career or even get a diploma. No player transfers and chooses between schools like KU or Wisconsin unless there is an instant opportunity to perform well. Wisconsin's Russell Wilson just did the same thing and likely vaulted up NFL draft boards with a stellar season in his one year with the Badgers. Crist has to hope for the same, despite his recent comments.

If Crist performs well, however, the rest will take care of itself. That's a lesson he can learn from Wilson.