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Larry Fedora Reportedly Becoming North Carolina Head Coach, Leaves Kansas Down Another Option

Mike Leach was the first and best option and now he’s at Washington State. Larry Fedora was one of the next names on the list, and now he’s reportedly heading to North Carolina if the reports coming in are true. That’s what Pat Dooley is saying and others are also reporting the same on Twitter today. The Sporting News had already reported that he’d been offered the gig if he wants it.

Fedora is coming off of a big win for his Southern Miss program, whipping the previously undefeated Houston Cougars in the Conference USA championship game. Coming into the game, Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin was the hot ticket among coaches, but in the game, Fedora showed why should also be considered for the same large conference gigs as Sumlin and now it seems that some people were paying attention.

If Fedora leaves for the Tar Heels, that opens up a spot at Southern MIss but it also leaves the Kansas Jayhawks hanging once again. After Leach and Fedora some other names have been tossed around, but it’s clear that KU at least does not appear in the driver’s seat regarding any top coaching position. The only hope is that they’re taking a bit of time to do their homework and are working away from the press to get the guy that they want. That could still be among a few candidates we’ve discussed here, including Gus Malzahn and Dave Christensen.