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Bill Self Says 'Kansas Fans Should Be Excited' About Charlie Weis Hire

Kansas is undoubtedly a basketball school given the tremendous success of their men’s program under Bill Self. Thus, it makes sense to ask Self just what he thinks of the latest hire on the football side of things. When asked his opinion on the hiring of Charlie Weis as the new Jayhawks head coach, it’s clear that he likes it.

“I think Kansas fans should be excited about Sheahon’s (Zenger) football hire today," Self said. "We hired a guy that has an unbelievable resume and has experienced success at the highest levels.

“In his first two years at Notre Dame, he coached in BCS bowls. With the (New England) Patriots he won three Super Bowls. With the (New York) Giants, he won one Super Bowl and has participated in another Super Bowl. He’s been a coach for a long time and obviously has a great mind. I think this is one that will definitely ripple waters in our league."