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Charlie Weis Will Find Recruiting Kansas A Little More Difficult Than Notre Dame, Florida

Charlie Weis' recruiting acumen kept him in business at Notre Dame for four seasons and certainly helped his cause in Gainesville, Florida for a season, but as SB Nation's Bud Elliot notes, the state of Kansas' program and the relative dearth of top football talent in the state create a situation Weis has never tackled before.

Unlike the Irish (a nationally branded program capable of going into California and Texas) and the Gators (sitting in the backyard of a rich area of prep talent), Weis will likely have to find a foothold in Kansas' unique JUCO ranks in order to succeed, but that's a path fiercely guarded by rival K State:

Kansas has a great network of junior colleges, aka JUCOs. Kids, typically from other states, will attend these junior colleges because they don't have the grades or skills to get into the programs they'd like to after high school. In the junior colleges, they grow, develop and fix their academics with the hope of transferring to a four-year university. 

While many states have done away with JUCO football, Kansas has not. And it has some of the best JUCO football in the country, along with Texas, Mississippi, California and Arizona. has five Kansas JUCO players among its top 50 in the country. That's leaps and bounds better than the high school talent being produced by the state.

Bill Snyder has famously made a living at Kansas State by keeping some of these top JUCO players from returning to their home states. 

The amount of progress Weis can make in his first, shortened period of recruiting for the Jayhawks will be huge for a recovering KU program now toiling in the shadow of a K State program that's returned to form.

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