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Charlie Weis' Kansas Deal Could Rival Or Exceed Will Muschamp At Florida

While no one would argue that Will Muschamp has not yet lived up to the expectations associated with the Florida program in one turbulent 6-6 season, the fact that, according to reports, Charlie Weis' payday at Kansas could exceed Muschamp's at Florida is certainly notable relative to the prestige of the two programs. Per Alligator Army:

According to a source, Weis' contract with Kansas is likely to reward the four-time Super Bowl champion coach richly, perhaps in excess of the nearly $3 million per year Will Muschamp is making as Florida's head coach.

School officials have not disclosed the specifics of Weis' deal, but Kansas is still on the hook for $6 million of the five-year deal they signed with former head coach Turner Gill. Per the Palm Beach Post, Weis' deal at Florida was for three years and $2.6 million. 

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