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Kansas' Josh Selby Expected To Return From Injury Against Iowa State

The Kansas Jayhawks are expected to see the return of Josh Selby on Saturday when they host Iowa State. Selby has been suffering from a stress reaction the last two games so he'll have some tune up time over the next few weeks before the conference tournament and March Madness hits. 

But is Selby's return the best thing to happen to Kansas? Eh. I think of a quote from a story last week by Sam Mellinger of the KC Star:

It's so strange. Brady Morningstar is a 25-year-old senior who might not earn a dime playing basketball. Selby is an 18-year-old freshman who almost certainly will earn millions.

And KU seems to run smoothly with either one. At least at the moment, the ball sure moves better with Morningstar rather than Selby.

His point is that without Selby they blew out Nebraska by 20 points and put up 103 against Missouri. Not bad, right?

Now, I don't think he's arguing KU doesn't want Selby. Obviously, they do. That's because there may not be a better coach in the country at handling all the personalities and star power of a team than Bill Self and his Jayhawks. But it's interesting to note how much "fit" matters with this team. They're already ridiculously talented with or without Selby and they've clearly shown they can win without him.

Of course that doesn't mean they won't mind seeing his return.