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Making Of The Kansas Jayhawks Flash Mob At Missouri Tigers Game

I was watching the Kansas Jayhawks-Missouri Tigers game last week and noticed what everyone else did on the broadcast -- a flash mob. KU basketball fans, out of nowhere, stood up to a choreographed dance on the ESPN broadcast. 

The video made its way to YouTube where, on this particular video, it's been viewed over 130,000 times (and there are other videos out there as well). 

I was talking about this with a friend trying to figure out how they did this. I knew it had to be organized with the school because they were all in the same section and, if you've been to a game at Allen Fieldhouse, it's near impossible to get an entire section on your own.

Abby Eden of FOX 4 in Kansas City reports that the flash mob started with a campus group called 'Jayhawk Buddy System' and they were trying to gain some awareness. Frank DeSalvo leads the student group and agreed to the flash mob idea.

He approved the idea, and the group worked with the KU Athletic Department to rope off the section of student seats. The group also worked with ESPN to determine the least-difficult time to perform the dance.

Students who signed up had to agree to three hours of practice before the big event, and they were asked to keep the surprise to themselves.

I gotta admit, that's pretty impressive. They did a very good job and kept the secret well. If you haven't seen it, here's the video: