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Down Goes Ohio State Vs. Wisconsin; Iowa State-Kansas Now For No. 1 In Country

The Kansas Jayhawks are only a couple of hours from potentially becoming the No. 1 team in the country. The Ohio State Buckeyes just lost to Wisconsin, 71-67. That means the Kansas Jayhawks would likely move into No. 1 if they beat the Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday.

Ohio State was unbeaten up to this point so this is KU's first chance at toppling them. 

The Ohio State-Wisconsin game ended right as the Iowa State-Kansas game was starting so everyone on the court may not be aware of Ohio State's loss. The score was announced to the Allen Fieldhouse crowd to a huge applause. 

Ohio State is currently No. 1 followed by Kansas, No. 2, and Texas, No. 3. Texas is ranked behind Kansas despite beating them earlier in the season. Texas is the only loss Kansas has suffered this year while the Longhorns have three losses in their 21-3 season.

Kansas is a 20-point favorite against Iowa State so the heavy odds are on them assuming the No. 1 spot in the country. You think people are looking forward to that potential matchup in the Big 12 Tournament?