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Kansas Jayhawks Or Texas Longhorns: Who Should Be No. 1 In College Basketball Rankings?

NCAA basketball rankings will see a significant shake-up this week after No. 1 Ohio State lost to the Wisconsin No. 13 Wisconsin on Saturday. Ohio State, undefeated to that point, will fall and it'll be the Kansas Jayhawks or Texas Longhorns moving into the top spot.

KU, who was ranked No. 2, is the most likely team to take the top spot. However, Texas, currently ranked No. 3, is ranked right behind them and actually has a victory over KU this year. Indeed, Kansas' lone loss this season is to the 22-3 Longhorns. 

I think KU will be No. 1 on Monday afternoon when the rankings are released but it'll be an interesting 1-2 lineup. Kansas will be ranked directly ahead of the only team that's beaten them. 

And how long can Kansas hold onto the top spot if they do get it on Monday?

They'll travel to Kansas State on Monday, which is a big game, and then they'll have tests agianst Texas A&M and Missouri to end the season. In between, they shouldn't have a problem with Colorado, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. My guess would be that Kansas can run the table in the regular season before hitting the Big 12 tournament in March.