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Kansas Is New No. 1 In College Basketball Rankings But Texas Has More First Place Votes

You probably noticed in the latest batch of NCAA basketball rankings that the Kansas Jayhawks are your new No. 1 team. In the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' poll, Kansas had 14 first place votes while Texas, who was No. 2 in this poll, had 13 first place votes.

However, the Associated Press poll, which had Ohio State No. 2 and Texas No. 3, had things a little differently, as Rock Chalk Talk explains.

Kansas holds the top spot with 1549 overall points and 22 first place votes.  Number 2 is Ohio State with 1536 points and just 14 first place votes. Now here's where it's a little strange.  Texas actually received 23 first place votes, the most of any team, but sits at number three overall with 1535 overall points.  What likely occurred is Texas found themselves either voted no. 1 or no. 3 but not often enough no. 2 by those voting.

Interesting stuff. What this shows is that, while Kansas is No. 1, it's only by a hair. With both teams being so close, I could see a situation where Kansas falls even without a loss. 

In all, there were four teams that had a first place vote, including Pittsburgh. Kansas' margin of error isn't a very big one. If they can get past Kansas State on Monday evening, their next big test won't be until the first week of March when Texas A&M visits and then they make a trip to Missouri.

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