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Kansas State Wildcats Score Largest Lead On Kansas Jayhawks This Year

The Kansas Jayhawks were named the No. 1 team in the country on Monday morning -- a little over eight hours before they tipped off against the Kansas State Wildcats. Apparently no one told K-State, who has limped to a disappointing 16-9 record this year, that they're not supposed to beat these guys.

Kansas State jumped out to a 24-11 lead about halfway through the first half. That 13 points is the largest deficit Kansas has faced all year. Incredible.

Wildcats' Jacob Pullen is on fire early with 15 points at the moment. He's hit on 4-of-7 shots, including 2-of-2 from beyon the arc, as well as 5-of-7 at the free throw line. 

Jayhawks' Marcus Morris has six points and Brady Morningstar has hit a three pointer. Other than that, Kansas hasn't done much. 

At one point, a timeout was called and Brent Musberger and Bob Knight, who are calling the game for ESPN, said Bill Self told his players they were in the midst of a butt-whooping.

You know Kansas is going to make a run at some point. They already do. The key for Kansas State will be keeping Pullen hot as well as minimizing any meltdown-type situations where Kansas goes on one of those ridiculous 20-0 runs.