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College Basketball Rankings: Predictions On No. 1

The NCAA basketball rankings will once again see a shakeup as the top four teams in the country all lost this week. That includes, in order from No. 1: Kansas, Ohio State, Texas and Pittsburgh. Duke, at No. 5, stayed clear of a loss as did No. 6 San Diego State. 

So who falls into No. 1 now?

That's a huge debate that has no consensus right now. The Kansas Jayhawks have just two losses on the season, as do the Ohio State Buckeyes, so in the big picture I think they have an argument either could be the top team. Texas has four losses now and Pittsburgh has three. Then there's Duke with two losses and San Diego State with one loss in addition to two-loss BYU.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk posted a poll asking its readers who should be No. 1. This is a Kansas blog so there's going to be some homerism there but 31 percent of their readers say Duke should be the new No. 1 team while 30 percent say it should be the Jayhawks. 17 percent say San Diego State and 11 percent say Texas. Pittsburgh and BYU both have one percent of the vote.

So if we believed those poll results, the college basketball rankings will look like this: Duke, Kansas, San Diego State, Texas, Pittsburgh and BYU.