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NCAA Basketball Rankings: First Time Since 2003 Top Four Has Lost

In the last week we saw something happen that we haven't since 2003 -- the top four teams in the country lost in the same week. Indeed, the top four teams in the latest AP poll lost starting with Kansas last Monday and ending with Ohio State on Sunday. We know now that Duke is the new No. 1 in both polls while KU is No. 2 in the Coaches' and No. 3 in the AP poll.

The last time we saw a situation like this with the top four teams all losing in the same week was way back in 2003. That was the last time we saw all four of the top teams in the country lose.

What's interesting is who that involved:

The Blue Devils (25-2) jumped from fifth to No. 1 on Monday after a week that saw the top four teams in the poll all lose. The move to the top is the biggest since Kansas went from sixth to No. 1 in November 2003, the last time the top four all lost in the same week.

So KU was helped out in 2003 when the top four teams lost and this time around they're one of the teams losing.