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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Duke, Ohio State And Kansas In AP Poll

As expected, there's been a shakeup in the latest college basketball rankings. The ESPN/USA Today Coaches' poll put Duke at No. 1 and Kansas at No. 2. In the AP poll, Duke is at No. 1 and Ohio State is No. 2. The Kansas Jayhawks come in at No. 3 ahead of Pittsburgh (4), Texas (5), San Diego State (6), BYU (7), Purdue (8), Notre Dame (9) and Arizona (10).

The top four teams last week all lost. KU basketball lost a road game to Kansas State on Monday, Ohio State lost on Sunday to Purdue, Texas dropped a game to Nebraska and Pittsburgh fell to St. John's. Duke, No. 5 last week, made it through the last week unscathed so they claim the top spot in both polls.

Duke received 35 of the 65 first place votes, Ohio State received 10 first place votes and Kansas had five first place votes. Pittsburgh, who remains fourth, received 12 first place votes while Texas, who dropped two spots to fifth, drew one first place vote.

Texas is No. 5 in the AP poll, Missouri is No. 20 and Texas A&M is No. 21 rounding out the list of Big 12 teams. So the Kansas Jayhawks are No. 2 in the Coaches' poll and No. 3 in the AP poll. Check out Rock Chalk Talk to see what KU fans are saying about the news.  

Here's the full AP poll.