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Josh Selby May Have Most To Gain With Tyshawn Taylor's Suspension

Kansas Jayhawks' Tyshawn Taylor was suspended on Monday for a violation of team rules, head coach Bill Self announced on Monday. We're not sure what the suspension is for or how long it is but if it does span multiple games then the person with the most to gain is freshman Josh Selby.

We're not suggesting Selby, or any of the Jayhawks, are happy to see Taylor suspended, but it will create an opportunity for Selby to see more time, along with Elijah Johnson. Selby would appear the most to gain with more playing time, Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal World writes

Now, with Taylor out, Selby has a chance to show he can play the point, get to the paint consistently and dish to teammates for easy buckets. He'll have a chance to play through more mistakes this way and with such a great opportunity in front of him, might be able to push the residual pain his foot still causes him into the background. Maybe the confidence of knowing he can play through mistakes will make him tighten up his ballhandling and make fewer careless turnovers.    

As Keegan says later, Selby is likely too raw and has missed too many games for him to take the job permanently but it is a good opportunity for Selby. With the tournament coming up, this would be a good time for Selby to make another leap in his development.