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Tyshawn Taylor's Suspension 'Isn't Anything Major'

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self announced on Monday afternoon that Tyshawn Taylor had been suspendedindefinitely from the team. The release indicated that they were "disappointed" in Taylor but he would continue to practice with the team. 

We never figured out what the details of the suspension (and we still haven't).

On ESPN's Monday night broadcast of the Oklahoma State-Kansas game, announcers Bob Knight and Brent Musburger said several times that Taylor's suspension wasn't a big deal, though they didn't indicate they knew what the reason was.

While we didn't get any clues as to what the suspensions exactly is for, ESPN's Holly Rowe reported during the broadcast that she spoke to Taylor and he said his suspension wasn't for anything "major". Rowe reported that Self said while that may be the case it's a big deal that he let his teammates down.

The feeling I got out of it was that Taylor would not be out very long. Kansas plays Oklahoma on Saturday.