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Tyshawn Taylor Suspension May Go Through Oklahoma Game, Bill Self Says

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self announced on Monday afternoon that Tyshawn Taylor had been suspended indefinitely. He didn't give a reason and said that Taylor will continue to practice while he is suspended. Without knowing the reason for the punishment, we didn't have any idea how long he'd be out.

Brent Musburger said several times on the ESPN broadcast of the Oklahoma State-Kansas game on Monday night that they have been told the suspension isn't expected to be a big deal. ESPN's Holly Rowe reported that Taylor told her it wasn't a big deal and, while Self may agree, he did point out that Taylor let his teammates down, which is the real problem.

We still don't know what the reasoning is for the suspension but it sounds like Taylor won't be playing on Saturday against the Oklahoma Sooners. Self said after the game, "I don't think I will play Tyshawn," when talking about Saturday's game.

If Taylor misses that game, he'll have two more chances to get onto the court before the Big 12 Tournament including March 2 home game against Texas A&M and a March 5 road game against Missouri.

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