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Bracketology: Kansas, Texas, Ohio State And Pittsburgh Get Top Seeds

The latest edition of bracketology is out and the Kansas Jayhawks remain a No. 1 seed while Missouri nabs a six and Kansas State has the 10th seed.

Bracketology, March Madness, NCAA tournament...whatever you want to call it, it's getting closer. We're about a month away from the first set of tournament games and the predictions are flowing in. Though there's a lot that can change in the last few regular season games, and then the conference tournaments, we're getting a pretty good idea of who's going to be in, where they'll be seeded, and who will be out.

SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean has come out with his latest issue of Bracketology and has the Kansas Jayhawks as a No. 1 seed. Here's a quick run down highlighting the Big 12 teams:

No. 1 seeds: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Texas and Kansas.

Big 12 teams: Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas A&M and Kansas State.

Southwest (San Antonio)

1 Kansas vs. 16 Murray State: Obviously Kansas would cruise in this game (wait...I said the same thing about Holy Cross years ago and that was closer than it should have been...and Bradley....and Bucknell...and Northern Iowa). Presumably, KU wouldn't have any trouble in this game.

If they win, they would play the winner of 8 Tennessee vs. 9 Cincinnati.

West (Anaheim)

1 Texas vs. 16 Long Island: Not counting Saturday's loss to Nebraska, Texas has been the hottest team in the country since early January. That Nebraska loss hurt but this is a really good team that won't have any first round troubles.

If they win, they'd play the winner of 8 Utah State vs. 9 Georgia.

7 Florida State vs. 10 Kansas State: Interesting matchup for Kansas State. It's hard to predict what they'll do because they're so inconsistent but this we do know -- when they're on, they're one of the best in the country, as they showed us in last week's upset over Kansas. The problem is that they haven't been on very often this sason.

If they win, they'd play the winner of 2 BYU vs. 15 Long Beach State

East (Newark)

6 Missouri vs. 11 Butler: Butler made it to the title game last year so this wouldn't be an easy task for the Tigers. Mizzou has to be an annoying matchup for a lot of teams because they're going to make you go to your bench and out-hustle them, which doesn't happen a lot.

If they win, they'd play the winner of 3 Notre Dame vs. 14 Oakland.

Southeast (New Orleans)

6 Texas A&M vs. 11 Marquette: The Aggies have been inconsistent at times this year but they'd be favored in this game. 

If they win, they'd play the winner of 3 Florida vs. 14 Coastal Carolina.