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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Why Texas Over Kansas?

The latest NCAA basketball rankings were released on Monday and the Kansas Jayhawks were ranked third, two spots ahead of the Texas Longhorns. This despite the fact that it's Texas, and not Kansas, that lead the Big 12. The Longhorns have just one conference loss, four losses overall,  while KU has two losses overall, both in the conference.

There are some, though, that think Texas should be ranked ahead of KU and I can see that argument. Steve Walentik of the Columbia Tribune, an AP voter, had his ballot look like this:
AP: Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Texas.

Walentik: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Duke, Texas and Kansas.

He explained the reasoning behind putting Texas before KU:
Texas got the No. 4 spot despite a tough loss at Nebraska, but they were a lot more competitive than Kansas was in its loss at Kansas State. That and the fact that they beat the Jayhawks head-to-head and continue to lead the Big 12 standings and KU is still lacking impressive victories over top teams meant I continued to give UT the edge among the Big 12's best.    
I can see both sides of this argument. Texas has been the best team in the country since January with the exception of that Nebraska game last week. On the other hand, I know how good KU is and I absolutely think they're a top three team in the country.