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Ben McLemore, Kansas And Missouri Basketball Recruit, Enrolls At Texas High School

Last week news came out that Ben McLemore had been dismissed from his Virginia high school, Oak Hill Academy. McLemore is the 17th ranked high school player in the country and has reportedly narrowed his choices to the Kansas Jayhawks and Missouri Tigers. 

The biggest question following the news last week that McLemore was dismissed from high school was how his eligibility would be affected. Would he still be able to enroll at KU and Mizzou?

According to reports, McLemore is now enrolling in a Texas high school called Christian Life Center. We're taking this news as a positive sign that he'll be eligible next year. Also at Christian Life Center is Hersey Robinson, a 6'7" power forward who has committed to Texas Tech.

It's unclear right now where McLemore is leaning -- to Kansas or Mizzou -- but it's looking like right now he's at least on his way to eligibility.

Both schools have had varying success with players who have questionable ability. For Kansas, they wanted on Josh Selby and he eventually came after missing his first nine games. For Mizzou, recruit Tony Mitchell was ruled ineligible after the Tigers waited an entire semester for him to become eligible.