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Kansas Leads Oklahoma 45-33 After A Red Hot First Half

Kansas jumped out early on Oklahoma in Norman and has yet to look back. The Jayhawks shot 72% from the field in the first half converting on 18 of 25 shots including 6 of 11 from the three point line. Do the math and it becomes apparent that the Jayhawks are 18 from 20 from inside the arc.

As usual such an efficient performance starts with the Morris twins. Marcus and Markieff have a combined 20 points on 8 of 10 shooting from the field. Looking further down the bench the Jayhawks don’t have a single player shooting below 50% from the field at halftime.

Oklahoma certainly wasn’t expected to pull a shocking upset against Kansas, but when the Jayhawk offense is rolling like this, they will be hard for anyone to beat.