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KU Basketball Needs A Favor From Kansas State Against Texas

I was talking with a friend last week -- a KU friend -- figuring out how the Kansas Jayhawks could win the Big 12. This was the Friday before the Texas Longhorns trip to Lincoln to play the Nebraska Cornhuskers so I essentially said Kansas can't/won't win the BIg 12. 

I said, "Texas is playing too well, and Kansas is down two games in the conference. It's not happening." 

Well, it is happening. Not completely, but it's close. KU is now tied with Texas in the Big 12 standings. Both teams are 12-2 and while Kansas looks like they'll run the table, Texas looks like they're just trying to survive. 

KU basketball finishes the season against Texas A&M and then a trip to Missouri -- both difficult and losable games. But, with the way KU is playing this year, I can see them winning both just as easily. Texas, meanwhile, hosts Kansas State on Monday night and then takes a road trip to Baylor to finish out the season.

If had asked me last week, I'd say Texas would wallop K-State at home. Now? I'm not so sure. Texas has lost two of three games while the Wildcats have won six of their last seven and look really strong. 

So Kansas needs their rival Kansas State to do them a favor and beat Texas on Monday night. It would be a little ironic if that's what propelled KU over the top to win the conference regular season title. K-State's season was arguably lost until they beat then-No. 1 Kansas. Now, KU needs KSU to do them a favor.