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College Basketball Rankings: Ohio State Jumps Kansas To No. 1 In Coaches Poll

The college basketball rankings weren't kind to the Kansas Jayhawks this week -- at least not the ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll. Last week, Duke was ranked No. 1, Kansas No. 2 and Ohio State No. 3 in the coaches poll. 

Duke lost to Virginia Tech over the weekend so we knew they would be falling. It made sense then that KU would jump to No. 1 with Ohio State behind them. 

Nope, that's not how it went. Ohio State leaped Kansas to take the No. 1 spot, Kansas stays at No. 2 and BYU moves up to No. 3. Kansas is just four points behind Ohio State for the top spot. At No. 4 is Duke following by Pittsburgh, Purdue, Notre Dame, Texas, San Diego State and Wisconsin. As we said, Duke lost to Virginia Tech while Texas and San Diego State also lost.  Ohio State (17) and Kansas (14) were the only two teams to receive first place votes. 

Kansas this week will play Texas A&M and Missouri -- two difficult teams to finish out the schedule. if they sweep those, they'll have a strong case for No. 1 before the conference tournaments. Check out Rock Chalk Talk for more on Kansas. 

Texas has now lost two of their last three games and are on their way to missing out on a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. Texas hosts Kansas State on Monday night and a loss wouldn't only hurt them in NCAA tournament seeding -- but it could also cost them the Big 12 regular season title. Texas and Kansas are tied at 12-2. Check out Burnt Orange Nation for more on Texas.

The Missouri Tigers were ranked 21st last week and lost to a hot Kansas State team on Saturday. That loss nearly bumped Mizzou out of the top 25 but they stay in at No. 24. Check out Rock M Nation for more on Mizzou. 

In other Big 12 action, Texas A&M was 17th last week and drop to 22nd this week. Check out I Am The 12th Man for more on Texas A&M.