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Do KU Basketball Fans Take Conference Championships For Granted?

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self spoke with the media on Monday and talked about an interesting question:

Do KU basketball fans take Big 12 championships for granted?

Self said that around Lawrence fans do take conference championships a little bit for granted. He wasn't saying it in a negative light just that it's the reality when you have more conference championships (53) than anyone else in college basketball.

Self said when he was with Illinois and they won back-to-back conference championships that it was a big deal. Presumably, a bigger deal than the reaction he gets in Lawrence.

Again, this wasn't a negative point he was making. It's interesting to talk about, though, because i do get that sense from KU fans. Kansas has been so good for so long (and will continue to be) that it's nearly impossible to feel the same way when you way your first as opposed to your seventh.

Kansas has a shot at the Big 12 regular season title this year. They'll finish the season against Texas A&M and Missouri while Texas has a big game against Kansas State.