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Big 12 Power Rankings: Baylor Over Missouri

College basketball power rankings say the Texas Longhorns and Kansas Jayhawks are at the top of the Big 12. Kansas is ranked No. 2 in the country and Texas is No. 3 yet they're flipped in the Big 12 standings. SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk has come out with their latest batch of Big 12 power rankings and Texas is at the top followed by KU.

In third is the Baylor Bears, which surprised me a little. I thought the Missouri Tigers, who were fourth in their Big 12 power rankings, would be one spot ahead of Baylor. Here's what they said about Mizzou:

They are obviously known for their helter skelter style, and they have been the 15th fastest team in the country this year. The big thing about the Tigers is they always win the turnover battle. They're 14th both in terms of not turning it over and forcing turnovers. In terms of possessions used they don't really have a go to guy, but Marcus Denmon has been phenomenal for them, shooting 48% from three and having the 10th best turnover rate in the country. A good showing vs. KU probably would have seen Missouri flip with Baylor.    

I'd disagree with that last line. Mizzou did have a good showing against Kansas. In fact, I'd argue they played well enough to beat every team in the Big 12 outside of Kansas, and maybe Texas. The story with that game, in my mind, was more about how unbelievable Kansas played than Missouri playing poorly.

Thoughts on Baylor over Missouri in Big 12 power rankings?