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Big 12 Tournament Bracket: Oklahoma State Ready For 'Payback' Game Against Kansas

Oklahoma State is looking for some payback.

Several weeks ago, OSU met the Kansas Jayhawks on ESPN's Big Monday and walked away embarrassed after a 92-65 loss to KU. Jayhawks' big men Marcus and Markieff Morris combined for over 40 points and dominated the game.

That, according to OSU's Jean-Paul Olukemi, won't be happening again.

It's more of a payback game, I think. That's where everybody's mind better be. They embarrassed us on national TV and this is an opportunity to show the world that we went down there and didn't play like ourselves. That's what that game should represent for us.

Marshall Moses put up 27 points for OSU in that game and calls playing top ranked teams "like a dream".

It's fun to play against teams like Kansas and the Dukes and all the teams that are ranked in the top five of the country. You couldn't ask for anything better. It's like a dream.    

We'll see what OSU has to say after the game because, if you believe the latest college basketball odds, this one won't be close. Kansas is a 14.5 point favorite.

The game tips off at 11:30 a.m. (CT) in Kansas City's Sprint Center. Check out Rock Chalk Talk and Cowboys Ride For Free for more on the game. Here's the full Big 12 tournament bracket.