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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Why KU Basketball Can Run The Table In March Madness

The Kansas Jayhawks are a No. 1 seed in the 2011 NCAA tournament bracket and for good reason. They're one of the top teams in the country (ranked No. 2) and lead by one of the best players in the country (Marcus Morris). They're legit.

The Associated Press recently went through looking at what some of the top teams need to do to win the 2011 NCAA tournament bracket and KU basketball was one of those teams. Here's what they said:

If Ohio State is the No. 1 team for talent and depth, the Jayhawks are 1A. Led by twin forwards Marcus and Markieff Morris, Kansas looks like a younger version of the team that won the 2008 title. The Jayhawks have plenty of players who can get out on the break, excellent spot-up shooters and are tough to match up inside with the Morrises and Thomas Robinson.    

The thing about KU is that they can play any way you want -- and beat you any way you want. They can go fast, they can slow it down, they can hit shots from the outside or you can try to bang inside with Marcus and Markieff Morris. That, plus their depth, is a reason why I think they should be considered the favorite (though I must admit that I haven't watched nearly as much Ohio State basketball as KU basketball).

KU is the total package, which is why they can win. Whether they well...we've got another three weeks to figure that out.