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NCAA Tournament TV Schedule, Predictions For UNC-Asheville Vs. Arkansas-Little Rock, Clemson Vs. UAB

The 2011 NCAA tournament is here...almost. We've got two games on tap for the play-in games of the bracket including UNC-Asheville vs. Arkansas-Little Rock and Clemson vs. UAB. These are your extra four teams that are now in the tournament which means we must remember to say "Field of 68".

We are so, so close to Thursday's first round of games which is arguably the best sports day of the year. The Super Bowl comes close, and maybe the NFL draft. But for a full day of action, it's tough to beat the first week of the NCAA tournament.

With that said, here's your TV schedule for the games tonight.

UNC-Asheville vs. Arkansas-Little Rock tips off at 5:40 p.m. (CT) from Dayton, Ohio. The game will be on TruTV. Clemson will play UAB following that at 8:10 p.m. (CT) which will also be on TruTV.

Here are a few predictions from 

On UNC-Asheville vs. Arkansas-Little Rock:

Asheville has been hot for a while now, winning six straight, while Little Rock went well over a month without a winning streak before tearing through the Sun Belt tourney. The Bulldogs have been slightly more consistent -- they'll move on to play Pitt.

On Clemson vs. UAB:

Clemson, a team that Ken Pomeroy's numbers adore, sheepishly tops UAB and slips quietly into the field of 64, hoping nobody notices.   

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