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Obama's NCAA Bracket: President Picks KU Basketball To Win It All

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You've got some pressure when the President of the United States is counting on you. President Obama filled out his bracket for and the winner, according to the President, will be the Kansas Jayhawks.

Obama has Kansas, along with all the other three No. 1 seeds -- Ohio State, Duke and Pittsburgh -- in the Final Four, so he's clearly going the safe route. Obama also picked the Jayhawks to win it all in 2010 but they fell short and Duke took home the title. 

"I'm picking Kansas, just because I think they're deeper," he said. "I think that Kansas has more firepower [than Ohio State]."    

There's no pressure like presidential pressure. Bill Self, speaking to the media on Wednesday, said he didn't put much stock into the President's picks but hopes he's right.

"Didn't he do that last year, too? We're going to prove him right this year, or at least try. I don't put much stock into that stuff but I hope he turns out to be a very wise man."

A lot of people seem to love Kansas and with good reason. They're incredibly talented and the depth of their bench makes it as if they were built for this time of year. I'm picking KU to go very deep.

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