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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2011: Most Experts Say Ohio State Over Kansas

When looking at the predictions for the 2011 NCAA tournament bracket I figured we'd see a healthy split of experts picking the Kansas Jayhawks and Ohio State Buckeyes. After scanning Real Clear Sports' expert bracket picks roundup, I'm realizing I'm wrong.

More experts are picking Ohio State to win it all. Kansas has a high number of folks picking them to win the Southwest bracket but, in the championship, it's mostly Ohio State with a few KU's and Dukes thrown in there.

They're the overall No. 1 seed so that's a big reason why they're favored by so many people but I figured Kansas was close enough to Ohio State that we'd seen more of an even split. 

I'm from Kansas City so I've obviously watched a lot more KU basketball than Ohio State basketball so I know what the Jayhawks can do and I know how good they are. I'm a little surprised more folks aren't picking them to win the entire thing. 

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the President of the United States is picking you to win it all.