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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Has No Perfect Brackets Left

Wow. That was quick. After the first round* of the 2011 NCAA tournament, has zero perfect brackets remaining in its tournament challenge. Here's the ESPN Research tweet on it:

And then there were none: No perfect brackets remain for Tournament Challenge. 19 entries, out of 5.9 million, went 31-1.    

Incredible. And only 19 -- 19! -- went 31-1. This shows us why March Madness is so awesome -- we don't know what will happen. Richmond will play Morehead State while Louisville and Vanderbilt go home. That's a 12 and a 13 seed sending a 4 and a 5 seed home. 

After Thursday, said they had 317 perfect brackets remaining.

*Yes I know they call it the second round or something ridiculous like that now because of those "First Four" games. I think that's stupid. I'm sticking with first round.