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NCAA Tournament Bracket: Texas Falls To Arizona After Wild Ending

Texas was for sure going to win. Then they were going to lose and then they were going to win again. It was a wild finish but Texas was unable to pull it out against Arizona. The 5th seeded Wildcats beat the 4th seeded Longhorns, 70-69. This game was we love following the NCAA tournament bracket and why they call it March Madness.

Texas' J'Covan Brown hit a jumped with 1:07 remaining in the game to give Texas a 69-67 lead and giving Arizona the ball back. The Wildcats went down the court and grabbed a pair of offensive rebounds yet they weren't able to get a bucket. 

Texas finally grabbed a board and ended up getting the ball on an in bounds with 13 seconds remaining.  At this point, Texas is holding a two-point lead and they have the ball but you won't believe what happened as Texas tried to in bound the ball -- a five second violation! Wow! I couldn't believe they turned it over.

That gave Arizona the ball back and Derrick Williams showed why he was the Pac-10 player of the year and received a nice bounce pass en route to the basket and went up and got the bucket and the foul.

He nailed his free throw giving Arizona a 70-69 lead with nine seconds remaining.

Brown took the in bounds pass and ran down the court made one cut at the top of the key and drove to the basket. There was a lot of contact as he tried to throw a layup to the rim but the ball wasn't close. Texas' Gary Johnson grabbed the rebound and tried to go back up and was absolutely fouled -- it appeared there was a second or less left on the clock -- but the refs didn't call it. 

Tough break for Texas and a controversial call. I'm not sure about this one. I think Texas has a reason to be upset with the non-foul call.

Incredible game and Arizona moves onto to face Duke while Texas' season is done. If you're a Texas fan, you'll want to head over to Burnt Orange Nation -- I imagine we have a lot of unhappy Texas fans.