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Sweet 16 Bracket: San Diego State-UConn, Florida-BYU, Duke-Arizona, Wisconsin-Butler

The 2011 NCAA tournament bracket rolls on Thursday night with another four games which is half of the Sweet 16. The other half will play Friday night. We've got some awesome games Thursday night, which is the standard with the Sweet 16, arguably the best round of the tournament*.

(*OK, the best round of the tournament is the first weekend. You get less games with the Sweet 16 but higher quality, I think.)

We'll see San Diego State continue its run when they play Kemba Walker and Connecticut while Florida will face Jimmer Fredette and BYU. The Florida-BYU is also a Gus Johnson alert as he's calling the game so you know it'll be great. The only 1-seed playing Thursday night is Duke who will play Arizona while Wisconsin will meet Butler, who upset Pittsburgh last weekend (which is also a Gus Johnson alert).

Here's the full schedule along with times, TV and announcers:

7:15 p.m, CBS: San Diego State Aztecs vs. Connecticut Huskies Lundquist/Raftery/Visser

7:27 p.m., TBS: Florida vs. BYU Cougars Johnson/Elmore/Miller/Snider

9:45 p.m., CBS: Duke Blue Devils vs. Arizona Wildcats Lundquist/Raftery/Visser

9:57 p.m. TBS: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Butler Bulldogs Johnson/Elmore/Miller