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Richmond Vs. KU Basketball In Sweet 16 Bracket Brings Back Memories From 2004

It was only seven years ago that the Richmond Spiders ended a long-time home winning streak for Kansas. The Jayhawks hadn't lost at home to an unranked opponent in their last 52 tries before Richmond stepped into Allen Fieldhouse and beat the 2004 KU basketball team.

Now that they're meeting in the Sweet 16 bracket, Richmond head coach Chris Mooney showed his players tape of that game to let them know that they are capable of beating Kansas.

"We thought it would be important for them to see that this can happen," Mooney said. "This is college basketball, we all know what happens over the course of a season and especially March. And I just wanted them to have a familiar feeling of beating Kansas."

When you're a smaller school going up against a big dog like Kansas, one of the most important things to do is remove the doubt from your mind. Forget about the David vs. Goliath feel to it and remember that, regardless of their high school recruiting rankings, it's still a game. 

For Kansas, it's also important to remember that, just because they're one of the best teams in the country, they're not unbeatable. They can't take Richmond lightly.

This underdog aspect will be an important factor in the game for both teams.

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