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Kansas Vs. VCU Basketball: It's Hard To Root For Goliath

Let's face it. If you're not a Kansas basketball fan, you're probably smiling right now after watching VCU's miracle run over the Jayhawks. It's nothing personal against Kansas -- people just love rooting for David instead of Goliath.

Most of the time it's nice to be a Kansas basketball fan. If anyone from Mizzou or Kansas State ever says anything about athletics, you just remind them of the astounding seven consecutive conference titles, of the 2008 national championship game. 

But when you lose...

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star summed it well Monday morning: "Seen as bullies by some, they were the baddest boys on the block. And the only thing better than watching a bully get beat is watching a bully get beat by a little guy."

Yep, The only people feeling for KU this morning are going to be KU fans. Everyone else roots for the Cinderella and, for others, against Goliath. It's part of the job of rooting for the favorite -- you gotta suck it up when they lose.