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Perfect Brackets? Two Of 5.9 Million Brackets Nail Final Four

Wow. There were 5.9 million brackets in's NCAA tournament bracket challenge and the number of folks who correctly picked UConn, Kentucky, VCU and Butler in the Final Four is exactly two. 

Two....of 5.9 million.

Only 1,093 brackets had three of the Final Four correct, while 2.1 percent had two right. A total of 27.6 percent had one Final Four team, while the vast majority of you -- 70.3 percent -- don't have a single team left.

This Final Four is obviously a major surprise with VCU the largest among them. The 11-seed knocked off Goliath on Sunday and Butler's miracle run is turning out to be an annual thing. 

The first place bracket is simply incredible. Take a look at it here. All four Final Four teams are correct and the user has VCU beating Kentucky for the championship. I'd like to say this person knows their college basketball but, let's be honest, we would have mocked this bracket before the tournament.