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Kansas' Thomas Robinson Might Declare For NBA Draft

To say a player might declare for the NBA Draft is a possible headline concerning any eligible NCAA player. It's non-committal and shows the player is smart enough to at least explore all the possible options before him. However, in the case of Thomas Robinson, the Jayhawks' long athletic forward, there's a bit of smoke concerning the decision.

In Robinson's case, you have to read between the lines just a bit. As recently as March 11, Robinson stated that he was indeed coming back to school. This came after the victory over Colorado with the entire NCAA tournament ahead of him. Every player realizes that team-first statements are essential in March when the media could make anything into a distraction. However, following the loss to Virginia Commonwealth, Robinson backed off a bit saying, "I’m not thinking about that. Whatever’s the best decision for me, that’s what I’ll do."

The strongest statement of Robinson's intentions came on Saturday, when made the straightforward proclamation, "Kansas sophomore power forward Thomas Robinson will enter his name in this year's draft according to sources. With the Jayhawks still alive in the tourney, look for the announcement to be made after the team's season ends. Robinson tragically lost his mother during the season and has siblings to look out for."

Robinson has the most to gain this off-season with the probable exit of at least one of the Morris twins and the graduation of three more seniors. Yet when the possible millions of the NBA come calling and agents whisper certain promises and predictions, it can be difficult to push back life-long dreams for another year. There's a lot of smoke surrounding Robinson's future decision, so it's not a stretch to say the fire is probably around the corner.