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Marcus Morris Considered Fringe Lottery Prospect In NBA Draft

With their latest NBA draft mock, has talented Kansas forward Marcus Morris heading to Phoenix with the 13th overall selection. This places Morris in that fringe lottery slot and it's likely that Morris will bounce around the early teens in numerous draft projections until the draft takes place on June 23.

Currently, the site has Morris as a comparable player to Al Harrington, noting his scoring ability from several points on the floor as well as the ability to post up. Most of the positives are on the offensive end, also like Harrington, while scouts detract from Morris concerning his defensive prowess as well as his lack of bulk on the inside. Lining up at power forward in the NBA, Morris might not have enough muscle at the next level. Then again, he doesn't have the footwork or quickness to handle some small forwards as well.

Then again, Morris has a real gift for scoring points, which is what wins in the end. Most front offices would be delighted to add a player like Morris at the next level, and given his success at an elite program like Kansas, Morris has proved enough to get a good look with a high draft pick.