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KU Basketball Players Don't Celebrate After Big 12 Title Clinching Win Over Texas A&M

The Kansas Jayhawks on Wednesday night tied for at least a piece of the Big 12 title with Texas, their seventh consecutive conference. On Saturday at Mizzou, they'll have a chance to win it out right.

Bill Self said after his team beat Texas A&M on Wednesday night that they didn't celebrate in the locker room.

"I do not think that we should celebrate because we tied it and have a chance to win it outright; we would rather do it ourselves than hope for help from someone else. We did not celebrate in the locker room even though the Big 12 trophy was there. Regardless of where we are ranked preseason, that is our goal every year. It probably feels a little different now from the previous games going two games down."    

Man, is Bill Self the best team/school spokesman ever? He says all the right things. Anyway, I agree a lot with what he has to say. If they do want to celebrate if they win it outright, they'll have to do it in Columbia this weekend when they play the Missouri Tigers in the final conference game of the season.

I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts on the celebration vs. no celebration when you just clinch a share of the title. From what I can tell, fans don't care that it's only a share of the title. They care more about seven consecutive conference titles (which is a ridiculous stat these days).

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