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Video: KU Basketball Announcer Can't Believe Marcus Morris' Intentional Foul Vs. Missouri

Kansas basketball announcer Bob Davis couldn't believe that was an intentional foul. Neither could I -- well, neither could I when I watched the replay later that day because CBS cut away from the game causing me to miss the final minutes.

Missouri was starting what would be an 11-0 run and KU held a nine point lead with 2:40 remaining. Marcus Morris was bringing the ball up and about to pass half court as Mizzou's Marcus Denmon poked it out and stole the ball. Morris turned around and tried to snag the ball back, but couldn't as he just ended up reaching in on Denmon.

It was a touchy, questionable intentional foul and Davis let 'em know that.

Loses it, stolen and a foul on Marcus...Ohhh! They call an intentional foul. Oh my goodness. He just reached out and he's calling an intentional foul. The same guy that called the palming the ball. What in the world. That's a shock. My goodness. How could that possibly be an intentional foul?

I didn't hear Davis the rest of the game but considering Denmon later hit a big three bringing them within four points, before KU pulled away, I imagine it wasn't the last time he was excited.

Here's the video: