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Big 12 Basketball Tournament Bracket: How To Get Kansas Vs. Missouri In Championship

The first round of the Big 12 tournament bracket  will go down on Wednesday and the entire four-day event will take place at Kansas City's Sprint Center. With the games being played in Kansas City, you can expect large crowds for Missouri, Kansas State and especially Kansas.

Kansas and Missouri is one of the longest running rivalries, and Kansas City is split with Jayhawks and Tigers. The one game that can blow the top off the Sprint Center would be Mizzou vs. KU. Even better, since they're on opposite sides of the bracket, these two teams could play in the Big 12 championship game. 

Here's how to get Mizzou and KU in the final, which would make for an insane Sprint Center experience:

I've already picked the winners in the first round: Nebraska over Oklahoma State, Colorado over Iowa State, Baylor over Oklahoma and Missouri over Texas Tech. I'm not much for upsets, at least not this year. 

That would give us these matchups in round two: Kansas vs. Nebraska, Kansas State vs. Colorado, Texas vs. Baylor and Texas A&M vs. Missouri. These aren't my official picks but from that group I would go Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Missouri. Why Baylor and Missouri an upset? Well, you need some upsets. Plus, Texas has been struggling lately. On Missouri, they'll be playing a quasi-home game and nearly beat A&M in their own house.

That would then bring us these matchups in the semifinals: Kansas vs. Kansas State and Baylor vs. Missouri. I'd take Kansas beating K-State and Missouri beating Baylor putting KU and MU in the final.

And then in the final: Kansas over Missouri.