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Big 12 Tournament Bracket Update: Halftime Score Has Oklahoma State Over Nebraska, 30-21

Every year I think I'm going to predict the perfect Big 12 tournament bracket and I've yet to do it. If the first half of Nebraska and Oklahoma State's opening round game is any indication, I'll be wrong once again. The Cowboys took a 30-21 halftime lead over the Huskers only a few hours after I predicted Nebraska to win.

Oklahoma State's lead was as high as 13 points at one time but Nebraska went on a mini-run late in the half to push it to nine points.

The Cowboys are cooling off a little bit offensively. They started on fire hitting their first five three-pointers but slowed down later in the half missing their next five attempts. Keiton Page leads the Cowboys in scoring with eight points including a pair of threes. Reger Dowell and Marshall Moses are the next two leading scorers with six and five points, respectively.

Nebraska's usually staunch defense didn't kick in until midway through the first half. Offensively, they're still struggling. Jorge Brian Diaz has eight points with a game-high nine attempts as well as three boards and two assists. Lance Jeter has added seven points shooting 1-of-5 from the field but 4-of-4 from the free throw line.

I didn't think Oklahoma State would be able to continue shooting at the rate they were early in the game so we'll see which direction they go in the second half. I've predicted Nebraska to win but, through one half, my confidence level in that pick has been shattered.

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