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Brady Morningstar For President

In some cities, players on the local sports team are more well-known than the politicians. With the way we treat our local sports teams, that's not a huge surprise.

But an athlete beating a politician in a political race, even though he's not running? Now that would be cool. That wasn't almost the case with former KU basketball player Brady Morningstar but he did receive some votes in Lawrence City Commissioner.

Former Kansas University basketball player Brady Morningstar received 50 write-in votes for the Lawrence City Commission. An informal online campaign sprung up for Morningstar in the days prior to the election. A handful of online commenters on had posted messages urging people to write Morningstar in for the commission. His 50 votes left him just 3,897 votes behind Hugh Carter, who won the third and final spot on the Lawrence City Commission.    

So, the comments section at has a little pull.

Perhaps they can start a little earlier next time and get someone like Morningstar to gain some significant ground.