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TV Deal With Fox Gives Big 12 More Money, Increases Exposure

Last summer it was announced one day that Colorado would be leaving the Big 12 for the Pac-10 and then the following day Nebraska announced it was leaving for the Big Ten. That created one of the most memorable -- and, depending on who you root for, terrifying -- moments in all of sports history.

Many thought the Big 12 would be breaking up and the rumors were flying in at an incredible pace that Texas would go to the Pac-10, Texas A&M would hit the SEC and Mizzou hoping the Big Ten would take them.

Of course, none of that happened and everything remained basically the same after Colorado and Nebraska's exit with a 10-team Big 12 conference. 

The one thing Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe continued to say was that the teams that remained would be rewarded because by the next year he could establish a new TV deal that would grow the pie for everyone.

One number he threw out was $60-70 million per year. In reality, the number is much higher than that according to Sports Business Journal -- $90 million.

So Beebe, who was crucified last season, did better than what even he thought he could do. The new money puts the Big 12 closer to the Big Ten and the SEC, which was the goal. Every football game will be televised on Fox Sports, ESPN, ABC or a conference specific channel (like the Longhorn Network), which increases the exposure nationally.

This deal takes the Big 12 conference out of survival mode and puts them among college athletics' elite conferences.