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Josh Selby Hasn't Made NBA Draft Decision, KU Basketball Coach Bill Self Says

Rumors have been swirling this week that Kansas Jayhawks guard Josh Selby will declare for the 2011 NBA draft. Selby is in Las Vegas this week working out and some took that as a sign he'd be headed to the league. His mother told that he has not yet made that decision.

KU basketball head coach Bill Self confirmed on Tuesday Selby was in Las Vegas working out though said he hadn't made a decision on the draft yet. Via LJ World:

"Josh went to Las Vegas with our permission to work out a few days to get a feel for where he'd potentially be (in 2011 NBA Draft). It's something we did not discourage. We are fine with it," Self said.

"He has not declared (for draft) nor is he committed to an agent. We said he could have a few days to get a better feel for where he is by working out with some folks in Vegas."

So that's that for now. The questions will only continue to come though. Selby has less than three weeks to determine what he'll do. He can declare for the draft and not sign an agent leaving open the possibility of his return. Or he can hire an agent and move straight into the process.

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