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Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor Returning To KU Basketball Team

They're baaaack.

Kansas Jayhawks basketball players Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor were among those expected to at least consider a jump to the NBA but both announced through a school release that they would return to KU.

Robinson said:

"We had a great year. But since the season ended disappointingly, there has been a lot speculation with fans and on the internet on what we were going to do. The bottom line is we're going to work very hard this offseason and put ourselves in a position to play in that game again and come out with a different result."

Taylor said: 

"The year was up and down for me, but I feel like I finished on a strong note and I am ready to carry that momentum into the summer and next year try to have a better season than we had this year."  

KU head coach Bill Self said this wasn't a surprise to anyone at Kansas but he wanted to wanted to sit down with each of them before they made their final decision to return.

"To be quite candid, we're still smarting over the fact that we lost in the Elite Eight and were so close to putting ourselves in a position to win another (national) championship. We're disappointed, but one thing about it, the season is officially over for everybody. Even if we played in the championship and even if we played in the Final Four, the season would be over now. With that, it's a new team, a new season and a fresh start. I'm real excited about these two commitments to putting us in a situation to having great success again."