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KU Basketball Final Four Shirts Can't Sell

The Kansas Jayhawks were heavy favorites against VCU in the Elite Eight two weeks ago so it was a fairly safe bet that they would win and move onto the Final Four. This prompted several businesses that sell KU basketball gear to order Final Four shirts to prepare for the victory.

And then....well, you know, they lost. That loss is turning out to be expensive for several clothing outlets that pre-ordered KU Final Four shirts, the Daily Kansas reported.

"I don't really want to give you the exact number, but it's in the hundreds," [Jayhawk Spirit owner Tom] Wilkerson said referring to the number of T-shirts he ordered. Now Wilkerson is looking for an organization to take the shirts and distribute them to people in need.

Check the full story of other store owners who are having to do the same thing. It's one thing for a fan to see their team lose -- they can move on after the fact. But when your team loses AND you're losing money because of it? That's a rough stretch.