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Jayhawks Marcus, Markief Morris Listed Among Top Players On ESPN NBA Draft Board

With the 2011 NBA Draft on the horizon, Kansas Jayhawks fans can expect to see both Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris taken off the board sooner than later. With the latest release of Doug Gottlieb’s Big Board over at ESPN, he has both players listed in the Top 30 players.

Marcus Morris is the higher rated of the two and rated just above UConn’s Kemba Walker at No. 16 overall. Gottlieb likes his overall game, but concedes that’s likely a solid bench player at the next level:

A skilled 4 who can score all the way out to the college 3. Struggles with NBA length but can pass and has a high basketball IQ. Morris is tough and unafraid but not explosive as a scorer or athlete and is probably a bench player.

Marcus’ twin brother, Markieff Morris, is listed at No. 27 overall in the Top 30 and his stronger low-post game is noted:

A better rebounder and shot blocker than his twin brother, and he’s not afraid to make the hard foul or the tough play. He’s not as skilled in terms of low-post game and has not gotten as many minutes to display on-floor IQ as his brother. Solid big man who might become a starter someday.

Both players should find homes near the middle to lower tiers of the first round of the upcoming draft, and the Morris brothers should both land in lower-pressure situations. Hopefully this will give them a chance to thrive and develop as they need.