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DeAndre Daniels To Decide Between Kansas Jayhawks Or Texas Longhorns On Wednesday

For any Kansas Jayhawks fan randomly searching or refreshing web sites hoping to find news on the highest ranked recruit, DeAndre Daniels, you’re going to have to wait one more day. That’s because the talented forward has decided to declare his intentions tomorrow at a press conference to sign with either Kansas or Texas. The Big 12 should get ready either way.

Kansas in particular is in a state of limbo, more so than any other top program in the country. The roster has suffered several losses to both graduation and NBA early entrants, including Josh Selby, Mario Little, Brady Morningstar, Tyrel Reed and Marcus and Markieff Morris. The opportunity for instant success will fall heavily on any incoming recruit’s shoulders, but that also means instant playing time for each of these guys.

Head coach Bill Self also knows just how tenuous the next 24 hours will be for his team and fans alike. He recently told the Kansas City Star, "How we do in the next 10 days could very well determine whether or not we have a chance to win the league next year or have a chance just to keep our head above water. I think we’ll be good no matter what. I like the guys. If we’re able to finish strong (in recruiting), we’ll be good.”

More decisions are also to come from highly ranked shooting guard Trevor Lacey and talented forward Jamari Taylor.