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2011 NBA Draft Mock: Could Kansas' Josh Selby Slip Out Of First Round?

A year ago, Josh Selby ruled the world and the Kansas Jayhawks were supposed to be the lottery winners cashing in their winning ticket. Now, Selby’s draft stock is uncertain after leaving Kansas following a disappointing freshman one-and-done campaign. Simply put, Josh Selby could go anywhere in the 2011 NBA Draft and no one would be that surprised.

But is it possible for the talented guard to slip out of the first round altogether? That’s the results of CBS Sports Dave Del Grande’s latest mock draft, released after the NBA Draft Lottery results were revealed last night on ESPN. Del Grande doesn’t have Selby anywhere in his first round, the only draft analyst to put Selby in such a category. Certainly, Selby’s stock is down, but that much?

Then again, a closer look at Del Grande’s mock reveals all kinds of questions. He’s the only draft analyst choosing Derrick Williams in the top overall spot to Cleveland. He has the Sacramento Kings jumping to take Jimmer Fredette just to sell tickets at No. 7 overall. He has San Diego State Kawhi Leonard falling to No. 9 overall, and he also misspelled Bismack Biyombo. (Then again, wouldn’t you?)

Point is, Del Grande’s mock is a bit left-of-center anyway. He’s either the NBA Draft genius or someone who just wanted to be different. Most likely, Selby falls a bit lower in the NBA Draft’s first round than he would like, but his talent and projection alone should net him a position in the lower half of the round.